Arts & Crafts

With fresh, new activities each week, kids will have fun while working on fine motor, speech and language, social, handwriting, visual perception, and sensory integration skills.

Community Service


We want our kids to live in a community that loves them, and a community that our kids love! Join us as we give back to our local Decatur/Metropolitan Atlanta community and show them the impact our kids can have. We will we gather supplies and work as a team to assemble meal, hygiene, and school kits for those in need in our area.


Kids will have a blast working on self-help, social, speech and language, fine motor, sequencing, and cognition skills as they learn to prepare simple meals and snacks with their friends.

Parent Support


Being a parent of a special needs child can be tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Come join other parents to share in each other’s struggles, triumphs, tears and laughter that come with raising a child with special needs.

Sibling Support

Life can be very different when your brother or sister has special needs. Join other siblings to talk about what makes life maybe a little harder, or maybe a little more interesting, when you have an extraordinary sibling.



Yoga is a fun way to practice social, speech and language, sequencing, self-calming, and gross motor skills. Namaste.