Some signs that require a Speech-Language or Swallowing Evaluation:

Frustration when communicating

Speech that is not understood

Difficulty following directions

Improper grammatical structures

Chronic hoarseness

Limited vocabulary

Difficulty answering questions

Sudden change in ability to communicate

Difficulty with swallowing and/or eating

Poor socialization

Some signs that require an Occupational Therapy Evaluation:

Lacks body awareness (bumps things; clumsy)

Lacks hand preference

Uses one hand for tasks that require both

Delay in motor coordination (gross/fine motor skills)

Difficulty with balance activities

Difficulty with forming peer relationships

Lacks appropriate social skills for age.

Appears defensive to touch/textures, tastes, smells or sounds

Excessively craves rough play and may show lack of safety awareness

Is always in motion or difficulty attending

Kids Resources

Some signs that require a Reading Evaluation

Is your child struggling in the following areas:

Learning to speak

Learning letters and their sounds

Organizing written and spoken language

Memorizing number facts

Reading quickly enough to comprehend

Persisting with and comprehending longer reading assignments


Learning a foreign language

Correctly doing math operations

We offer Orton-Gillingham based reading intervention, a multi-sensory, sequential, cumulative language art program to facilitate improvement in reading and writing skills.

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