Social Skills Group

How do Social Skills Groups help?

Social skills groups enhance children's ability to perform age - appropriate engagement and social interaction skills and can help in the following areas:

Difficulty meeting and making friends  
Difficulty keeping friends 
Difficulty making and maintaining eye contact 
Poor self-esteem 
Trouble with stress management
Exhibits socially unacceptable behavior
Difficulty with picking up nonverbal social cues
Difficulty with body control

Our Program


6 week program consisting of weekly 45 minute sessions hosted by an interdisciplinary team of speech-language and occupational therapists at Village Pathways Comprehensive Therapy

The We Thinkers! series helps children build foundational social competencies and essential life skills through stories, lessons, and
play activities.


The teachings help kids:









The program also supports students social-emotional learning, relationship building, classroom learning, and academic performance. The material is designed to be used with both typically developing children and those with social learning challenges. The series is used and loved around the world by kids, parents, and professionals alike.

Better understand themselves and others

Develop self-awareness

Perspective taking 

Social problem solving

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